General FAQS

What procedures do you offer training on?

Do you offer job placement?

How does your price compare to other schools?

What kind of equipment do you train on?

Why your school and not your competitors?

Do I have to be a licensed aestitician or nurse before becoming a Laser Technician?

Why is it better to be trained at a location with an in-house retail medical spa?

Can someone who is not an aestitician find work in the laser field?

Who teaches at your Didactic/Classroom education?

What is the marketplace for Skin Tightening/Wrinkle Reduction?

I already work as a laser technician, do I need aesthetic laser training?

Where do Laser Hair Removal Technicians work?

Why is laser safety important?

Is it important I receive my laser education at a Post Secondary approved school?

Do doctors teach Laser Sheet courses?

What is the difference between structured clinical curriculum and open clinical curriculum?

How could I be effectively trained in lasers in two weeks?

Will someone become an “expert” and be as skilled as a 3-year operator in the field after two weeks?

What are AZ requirements?

Are more hours of clinical training available to me?

Do I need an aesthetician´s background to identify with your courses and be successful?