Medical Professional FAQS

As a licensed nurse, am I required to obtain additional nursing education or an aesthetician’s license to perform cosmetic injections (in addition to attending Laser Sheer)?

How necessary is it for me to take the Laser aesthetics course in addition to the BOTOX®, Dermal Fillers, and Sclerotherapy courses?

There are so many schools out there offering the same types of courses. How does Laser Sheer differ from them?

What are the CE/CME course sizes like at Laser Sheer?

How many people will I have the chance to perform treatments on during school?

Will I be competent enough to treat clients directly after graduation?

What kinds of hours can I expect to work as a cosmetic nurse or physician?

What kind of financial gain can I expect to earn if I offer my future clients injectable treatments such as BOTOX®, Dermal Fillers, and Sclerotherapy vs laser skin therapies?

If I am a nurse seeking to open my own cosmetic practice or wishing to collocate within another establishment, what requirements are there for medical supervision by a physician?

Besides the in-class marketing seminar, do you provide additional business development assistance for setting up one’s own medical spa practice?

Who can attend CE/CME courses at Laser Sheer?

How many CE credits do you offer to nurses?

How many CME credits do you offer to physicians?

Am I required to pass a state board exam or additional testing once I complete the Laser Sheer CE/CME program?

Will I receive a diploma or certificate of completion once my accreditation with Laser Sheer is complete?

What else will I receive during my time at Laser Sheer?

What types of accommodations, restaurants, nightlife activities and outdoor activities can I expect to find near Laser Sheer’s main campus?