What if you could go to school for a total of two weeks and be able to immediately start a new career? Not only is it possible, it’s right in front of you! Laser Sheer Academy wants to be your stepping stone to a new, exciting career in the medical aesthetics field. You already have a passion for making people feel beautiful and confident in their skin, so why not expand your services for your clients? They’ll appreciate the variety you’ll be able to offer, and you’ll be able to increase your income.

  • Why might I consider a career change into the Medical Aesthetics Laser Industry?
  • Exploding Marketplace
  • Make More Money
  • Industry you can be passionate about
  • Customers that are always happy
  • Always new technologies to learn

Do I need to be an aesthetician to operate a laser?

Is Laser Training For You?

New Global Aesthetic Market Study (August 2006 Aesthetics Buyers Guide) Stated that Last year over 30 million hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo and other laser and IPL based treatments were performed! These earned more then 8.5 Billion Dollars for practitioners. ABG stated that by 2010 this will grow to over 90 million treatments annually and $15.2 billion in revenues.

Chemical peels and laser hair removal are two treatments that consistently remain in the top five non-surgical procedures last year, generating millions for the medical aesthetics industry. In short, offering more treatments helps you build client relationships, which can end up earning you a larger cash-in-hand income.